Craft CMS vs. WordPress Review 2017 and 2018

Unquestionably, WordPress is an old player in the field of Content Management while Craft CMS is only a new entrant. However, Craft is preferred by new-age CMS developers due to its flexibility and simple interface. Some of the developers do not agree with the thought that craft can replace the powerful existence of WordPress and on the other hand, many developers feel that craft can do what is not possible with WordPress. Generally, the clients do not worry about the platform as they only need a good website or blog, but, the developers have to choose the best option for the clients according to their needs.

Let us examine strong and weak points of WordPress and craft one by one. However, making a final decision is quite impossible as the ideal choice is always based on current requirements of the client.


Strong Areas:

WordPress is ideal for making great blogs. Many of the business owners prefer to have a website and a blog separately while some of them like to have a blog section on their websites. WordPress is an old CMS and it has a huge community support. WordPress is SEO friendly CMS and it comes with various functional plug-ins to make your work easy. Moreover, using these plug-ins is not a tedious task. Besides plug-ins, WordPress has a vast collection of themes to choose one and start your work soon. Setting up a blog using WordPress is quite easy and the blog can be managed by even a non-technical person.

Pros In Brief:
  • Use it to make great blogs
  • Attractive themes
  • Powerful functional plug-ins
  • SEO friendly CMS
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Good community support

Weak Areas:

As a CMS, WordPress is based on plug-ins and every WordPress users need some Plug-ins to install to be able to work in WordPress. In WordPress the content and the display of the content are interrelated and it means, you have to change a lot of things while you want to re-design the blog or website.

Cons In Brief:
  • Dependency on plug-ins
  • Not suitable for large websites
  • Security matters

Craft CMS:

Strong Areas:

Unlike WordPress, Craft is a perfect choice for large business websites. As a developer or user, you will find that Craft provides an easy interface for content management. Moreover, you have no need to make drastic changes while you make some changes in your current design. Amazingly, Craft CMS is ultimately flexible without any need of plug-ins.

Pros In Brief:
  • Suitable for large websites
  • Not dependent on plug-ins
  • User-friendly and easy interface

Weak Areas:

Obviously, Craft is not an old CMS, so that, it does not have a large community support like WordPress. According to the experts, Craft is considered as a time-consuming CMS because of being a bit functionally complex.

Cons In Brief:
  • A Poor community support
  • Time-consuming CMS

Finally, there is not a perfect choice in the field of CMS development. There are multiple Content Management Systems and only a skilled developer can make a final decision about an ideal platform for your next project. WordPress is just an awesome CMS but you cannot ignore the ease and comfort provided by Craft CMS. Thus, if you have a project that you would like to build in Craft CMS then share your requirements with our developers and let him make a perfect solution for you.