ExpressionEngine Vs WordPress - Which Content Management System is Perfect For Business?

By comparing ExpressionEngine Vs WordPress we can actually find out which one of the content management system is better. Today there is no shortfall of the extremely powerful content management systems which are available in the market. These can be utilized to develop any kind of the website that one can imagine. But while choosing the best content management system for a website, you have to consider the one that best fits into your requirements.

  Looking at the two content management systems in particular like ExpressionEngine and WordPress, these two CMS are extremely powerful and can be extensively utilized for the development of blogs to the large publishing operations too but the thing is each one has its own strengths as well as the limitations.

Features of WordPress CMS:

  When we evaluate the WordPress, it has been extensively utilized for the development of the blogging sites. But these days it is being utilized for many more things than just the blogging and user can also carry out the post based publishing tasks using it. This CMS has also resulted in the evolution of the group of developers who have come up with the thousands of the plug-ins as well as a variety of the themes.

  This has led to the integration of the new functionality into the WordPress too. The use of WordPress is limited to the development of the bespoke sites which incorporate the highly complicated content management system. While developing the themes for the WordPress, there is an involvement of getting into the depth of PHP and many of the web designers do not want to do it.

Features of ExpressionEngine CMS:

  This type of CMS comprises of the well-rounded collection of the security features. It comes with the built-in spam deterrents too for keeping the site secure and spam free. There is also the blacklist/white list module which will be allowing the user to specify the URLs, IP addresses along with the user agents that you actually want to deny or want to allow from the site.

  The EE allows the creation of unique site due to its ability to effortlessly manage the content through the utilization of the custom fields which can be carried across a wide range of publishing channels at one point of time.

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ExpressionEngine or WordPress:

  Which one you should go for? In the nutshell, although the WordPress enjoys a lot of popularity but even the ExpressionEngine makes the designers as well as the developers quite excited. The ExpressionEngine is robust, easy to use, and secure. It is something which offers the endless flexibility which is being required to meet the customized demands of the users. But for all those with a limited budget, it is quite hard to recommend the EE due to the cost of the license and requirement of the add-ons to get up and run it.

  But this content management system works really well for all those who require a certain level of the flexibility and the one who have some sort of the special feature requests too. The WordPress works perfectly for maintaining the blog functionality of the site. It is amazing for the content management team as well who can easily review the content before posting it. When you require quite a simple business brochure website or a blog and you have no intention to develop the bespoke themes, WordPress CMS can be the best choice.

  For complex websites with varied types of content, it is the EE which works well. It will impart the developers a high-end freedom to quickly develop the workflows as well as the templates for the management of the complex as well as the heterogeneous content and for the creation of the arbitrary relationship between the content too. The EE can do everything what WordPress actually does. It also focuses on the versatility and it is developer friendly rather than end-user-friendly.

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